Consultations are one of the best tools we have, as lash artists…

Service Pricing – Part 1


I want every lash artist out there to be successful. You can’t be a success if you are undercutting yourself. Yes, this one is long. There is a lot of information here, so please grab a drink and kick back.

Service Protocols & Why You Need Them

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I see a lot of new artist struggling with when to do what. So today I’m writing about how you can save yourself some time, be prepared for an inspection and have everything in place if you decide to train an employee!

Isolation Tips

Fan Isolation

Every new lash artist struggles with isolation. Even industry vets have days when all the lashes seem…

No “One, True Way”

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In 20yrs, I’ve seen so many trends, new concepts and even straight up reversals of “how things must be done” ….