Scared of Retail?

beauty care products on sale

…”retail sales” is the scariest phrase in the beauty industry…

Is It the Competition or Complacency?


The average lash artist can only have between 100-160 appointments per month. That’s allowing for a full 40hr work week and well timed sets. Of those available appointments…

Policy Politics

Credit Cards

We all have clients that seem to forget that we are running a business. This is a common issue…



Consultations are one of the best tools we have, as lash artists…

Service Pricing – Part 1


I want every lash artist out there to be successful. You can’t be a success if you are undercutting yourself. Yes, this one is long. There is a lot of information here, so please grab a drink and kick back.

Service Protocols & Why You Need Them

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I see a lot of new artist struggling with when to do what. So today I’m writing about how you can save yourself some time, be prepared for an inspection and have everything in place if you decide to train an employee!