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Hybrid Theory: My view on hybrid lash sets.

While all the rage with clients and artists alike these days, Hybrid sets just aren’t for me. I know that it’s a popular service and that clients flock to the hybrid faster than anything. I can’t help but question why that is?

Many clients who choose a hybrid lash set are doing so because they want more volume but they don’t want to pay volume pricing. It’s the rare client who finds a 2-3D set of extensions “too full”. I’m not saying that those clients don’t exist. I’m saying that I have yet to encounter one, myself. But many lash artists will give a volume set without even realizing it.

No wait! There is some common sense in my crazy talk! Bear with me for a minute, eh?


Hybrid lash sets are a combination of classic and volume lash extensions. They are one step up from classic lashes and one step down from volume lashes. What ratios you use can vary, but the norm would be 50C/50V or 60C/40V. In my opinion, hybrid set should not be as full as a light volume set, on the average client.

I’ve seen many artist say they use .15 classic or flat lashes for 50% of the set, then go in with 8D volume fans for the rest. Why?

When asked, most artist say “they just didn’t look full enough!”

But…that’s the whole point of this in-between lash set. It’s more than the natural lash number that they would have with a classic set, yet lighter than the density they would get in a volume set.

In my opinion, and please remember that this is My Opinion, the ratio should be 60C/40V. The maximum size of a volume fan in a hybrid lash set, a 3D .07 or a 4-5D .05, depending on the natural lashes strength. There should be skin showing through the lashes. There should be room for more volume, if the client wants more volume.

If the client does want more volume, they should be booking for volume services.


Those 8D artists have basically created a light, 4D volume set. They could have done a regular 4D set in less time if they didn’t have to to evenly distribute fans and classic extensions. Is that the best use of their time and effort?

They’ve given them a beautiful set, I’m not saying it’s not! But they’ve also shortchanged themselves in time, costs and potential new revenue.

Mapping out and laying that hybrid set and switching back and forth between singles and fans took time. Extra product purchases and storage space is taken up. That does not favorably impact the business’s bottom line.

There is also no motivation for the client to continue toward full volume, if they’ve already gotten it. ..without having to pay for it.


The client. In many cases, that’s it. Every service you do should benefit you as well as your client. As a lash artist, your paycheck comes from giving the best sets possible within a reasonable time frame, using the correct amount of product. The extra time and costs mentioned above take away from your ability to service more clients in shorter time frames with lower overhead.

For more on cost awareness, check out my Service Pricing series.

To me, hybrid sets are great for clients who want extra volume, but don’t want to pay for it. BECAUSE we, as lash artists and people pleasers, are too willing to make those fans just a little bit bigger or use just a few more fans than classics. And that, my queens and kings, is where those hybrid sets end up costing us more than we’re charging for them.


This is my way to accomplish that dual benefit without disappointing a client. For regular classic clients and for new clients, a hybrid can be a great transition to volume. Maybe they aren’t sure if they’ll like volume or they are more on the natural girl side and are hesitant to go “too glam”. That’s cool! Start them off light and decide from there.

While I don’t have hybrid sets listed as a service on my menu, I do offer a one-time Volume Upgrade for regular clients who are wanting to transition to volume. This is an add-on service, in addition to their regular fill pricing.

This upgrade service includes evening out the current classic set to at least 50% across both eyes, then filling in the rest with 3-5D volume fans. All future fills will either be back to classic if the upgrade is too bold, or they will be volume only fills. How we determine the size of their fans for future fills depends on their reaction to the upgrade. If they want an even fuller look, the fans can be larger. If they love it “as-is” we stick with 2-3D (or 4-5D if .05) fans. Simple!

For new clients who are a little skittish about volume during our consultation, I offer a light 2-3D set that can easily be transitioned down to classic if it’s too bold or up to larger fans if it’s too light.

Did I change your mind about hybrids? If not, that’s A-Okay! I’m sharing my own thoughts and feelings here and I do not demand that anyone agree with me. Hybrids have become a popular service. My only hope is that you’ll consider how you’re offering them and how you’re creating them, to best benefit your business goals.

What are your thoughts on hybrid sets? I’d love to hear from you!

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