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No “One, True Way”

“There is no ‘One true way'” is a quote by one of my favourite authors, Mercedes Lackey.

I’ve found that it’s true in almost every aspect of life and especially in the beauty industry. In 20yrs, I’ve seen so many trends, new concepts and even straight up reversals of “how things must be done” that it makes the head spin sometimes.

I recently met a fellow Esthetician who has been in the industry for decades. She’s also been doing lashes for almost 8yrs. What struck me was her absolute faith in one brand and one brand only. She trained with them and has never tried another line. I’m personally not a fan of their product and when I said so, the look of disgust I received was shocking to me. I can, at the least, say that I’ve had experience with the product and can intelligently discuss what I dislike. She, on the other hand, dismissed even the idea that another line could offer something better without ever having tried it.

It really got me thinking, so here’s my OPINION after that conversation.

  • There is no perfect setup that works for everyone.
  • There is no perfect adhesive that will work for every artist.
  • There is no perfect set of tweezers that no artist can live without.
  • There is no perfect line of lashes that every artist will adore.
  • There is no perfect method that every artist can master.

Why? Because we are all different. Thank goodness! If every set of lashes were the same, how monumentally boring would that be? Not to mention, how unattractive, on the wrong client.

Too often, I see artists speaking in absolutes. You must always do this, you shouldn’t ever do that. This is the ONLY product that works!

I call BS!

Every single one of us (even those working in the same salon) are working in different conditions. Environmentals are different from room to room, products available, each client and most importantly, EVERY artist is different.

Try new things and figure out what works best for YOU. Your best lash friend tried a new glue and is raving about it? Awesome! Check it out if you want to. If you don’t love it, that’s OKAY! Try something different. Maybe you’ll find one that is superior for your working conditions.

Your trainer insisted that you must put the lashes “here”, you should always have your adhesive in this spot, blah blah blah! Guess what…every trainer is different, too, even within the same brand.

You hate the tweezers that “everybody” says is a must have? So what? Lesson learned, try a new pair or 10 new pairs until you find the ones that suit YOU!

You’re struggling with the volume technique that is supposed to be the best of the best and oh,so easy? Find a local mentor. Watch YouTube videos of different techniques. Look into additional training (I try to do one course a year, from different instructors, to keep my education current and hopefully learn something new). And of course, practice…practice…yep, that’s right, I know you’re sick of hearing it but it is the truth…Practice.

Just like any other profession, you need to find your go to. Ask questions. Check out new trends and new brands. Research what manufacturers are changing in their product lines and why. Research ingredients, so you KNOW what you are putting on your clients. Test products out before committing to them. Keep learning. Keep growing and find the magical combination of products, procedures and mind set that works for You!

I promise you’ll be a happier lash artist if you’re using what you love!

Have experience with an “only one way” type? Have questions? I’d love to hear from you, too!

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