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My Top 10 Tips for Speeding Up Service

Everyone wants to be able to do a speedy service without sacrificing the quality of their work. Clients, just like us, have busy schedules and being the people pleasers that we are, we want to keep them on time.

These are just a few of the things that I do that sped up my own service time and a few habits I’ve drilled into myself that keep me on track. Do I think this will work for everyone? No. But maybe one or two can help you out!

  • Index cards box – Each client has a card, on the front is general info including contacts, allergies, medications/medical conditions, their lash map, eye pad preference and glue (I use a few different pads and glues based on client needs). On the back I list dates of appointments and notes. Like if they’re going on vacation or their son has a bday next week. So much easier to have it on a mini clipboard right beside the bed, if I need to reference any of their info and I can build my rapport with that client by mentioning something we talked about at their last appointment. I can also easily transfer to their digital file at end of day and their card goes back into the box. Also a good backup in case of downed computer system.
  • Set up everything before first appointment of the day. Not just for the first appointment, for all of them. I get everything ready that I am able to, before I start the day. 4 appointments? Then I stack index cards in order, the eye pads in order, prep palettes, cut tapes, tweezers and disposables lined up in order, make sure the humidifier is full for the day, enough sheets, towels, blankets ready to easily slip on between appointments, etc. Saves so much time between, you wouldn’t believe!
  • Lash Pillow or a yoga block (goes right beside their head), on the bed. Brings your palette right up to the same level as their face and you’re not getting in your own way by having it on their forehead(for those who have issues with this method, like me😁). Very easy to clean and can be sprayed with Cavicide to sanitize. I’ve got 3 lash pillows to switch out between appointments. Yoga blocks can be picked up at Marshalls, Ross or Target for about $6/ea.
  • The right tweezers – I went through at least a dozen tweezers to find the ones that work best for me. Everyone is different and you won’t know what works for you unless you try them. Personally, I can’t stand curved tweezers. I put too much pressure on them when I try to use them to isolate and I absolutely suck at using them to pull. For me, it’s 45degree 3mm Rita by Sinful Lashes is my go to, to isolate. I have several because I love my little vipers so much (yes! It looks like a snake bite when you stab yourself with them😒). I love, love, love Ginger by Sinful Lashes for pickup. I used to use a straight tweezer for pickup, but 90% of my business is volume these days, so I stick with my favourite redhead! I strongly recommend that you have more than one set of tweezers. If you are having to block out extra time between appointments to wait on disinfection, you’re wasting time.
  • Communication with new clients – I can’t stress this enough! Speak to new clients before their first appointment so they know what to expect from you and you can answer questions ahead of time. Have a script near your phone with important info that every new client hears from you. No, you don’t have to follow it exactly every time, but don’t let new clients walk through your door without giving them the information that YOU NEED THEM TO HAVE before they arrive.
  • Communication with return clients – Aftercare speech every time! Yes, they’ve been getting lashes from you forever, but that’s the time they start to get complacent. Remind them of seasonal changes. Make notes on those index cards about shedding cycles and remind them that they might need to come in early when they’re getting to that usual heavy shed week. Tell them when you see inconsistencies in their at home care and definitely tell them when they’re doing a great job taking care! You want them to keep it up for their lashes and to make your job easier.
  • Timing is everything – If you don’t have a clock within your line of sight while lashing, GET ONE! It’s much faster to flick your eyes up to the wall than having to reach for your phone to check the time. So what if you’re working from home. You have a life and so does your client. Keep to your schedule and your clients will notice. If a client is late, let them know that you might not be able to do as much as usual because you have an appointment after them (even if that appointment is making dinner, it’s Your schedule!) and can’t extend their time.
    • I allow for 15minutes late arrival. If they’re later than that, they need to reschedule. At 10minutes late, I will call (no texting when they may be driving!) my clients and I always say the same thing, new or returning. “Hi X, I had you scheduled at 11, are you on your way?” Maybe a new client got lost, maybe a regular got stuck in traffic, it doesn’t matter. If they can’t be at my place within the next 5min and I have an appointment after them, they get bumped and my next client gets a “My 11am had to reschedule, I just wanted to let you know that I’m available earlier if it fits into your schedule better.” call. Their time is not more valuable than mine, or more valuable than my other clients’ time.
  • Practice, learn, perfect – Take the extra classes, watch tutorials, practice on a mannequin head or sponges. Yes, you are going to use some lashes. I don’t know about you, but I would rather “waste” a $30 tray of mixed size and be 20min faster and confident grabbing a 15mm or a 6mm fan for every client than lose the option of one more client each day. Guess what…that one extra client on that one day just paid for the “wasted” tray.
  • Be confident not knowing – It’s perfectly ok to not know something! Don’t let the fact that you haven’t learned something yet erode your confidence in yourself. Be honest about it with your clients. I’ve had to say “Honestly, I don’t know if I can do that for you, I don’t want to do anything that’s going to compromise your lashes. Let me do a little research and maybe we can try it out next time.” Ya know what? My clients appreciated the fact that I didn’t attempt something that I wasn’t comfortable doing and were patient until I could do it. Half the time, they went home and did their own research and changed their minds, or came back with intelligent questions about it before they decided to move forward.
  • BE PATIENT WITH YOURSELF! You’re learning and growing every single day. Muscle memory takes time to develop and finding your rhythm doesn’t happen overnight. I still lose my rhythm some days and I’m all over the place. I stop, take a deep breath and remember to be patient with myself on those flustered days, too.

We don’t have to be perfect, but we do have to be professional. If you want to be perceived as a professional, then you have to act like one. That does mean being prepared for every service and treating every single client like they are your favourite and you want their experience to be flawless, every single time. Will they all be flawless? Hell no! We know that! But setting yourself up for it to start that way means even the worst starting appointments can turn out awesome! You got this!