metal tape dispenser on tilled surface

Taping Touches

Questions about how to tape lower lashes or layers abound in the lash world. So here are a few of my favorite tapes and how I use them!

For lower lash taping, I avoid masses of tape by slicing thinner strips. Smaller is better! I use NexCare Blue Silicone tape by 3M, 1inch wide.

What I do differently than most is that I cut fine strips (about 1/8inch) across the end of the roll for lower lashes. So the max length of a strip is 1inch and only a third of the width of a standard piece of tape. This is the perfect size to grab those lower stragglers and hold them in place without adding bulk to the lower lash line.

An alternative, for those who want longer strips, is cutting lengthwise down a

standard 1/2inch wide tape.

My preference is the white Nichiban tape, as it has a lighter stick than micropore or transpore tapes.

For upper lids and layers, I love 1inch wide microfoam tape, also by 3M. Microfoam is flexible, stretchy and extremely gentle on the skin. I use one, 1 and a half inch long, strip sliced lengthwise, per set. It’s easily moved and adjusted throughout the set without having to have 4 pieces of tape per eye.

There are so many ways to lash layers, but for isolation purposes, taping up already lashed lashes gives you easier access to those naturals still waiting for a new extension.

There’s a reason I use the same piece of microfoam on upper lids all the way up to this point. The natural oils and skin cells on a client’s eyelid has detacked the surface of my tape by this point. Extensions are going to be much easier to release from the tape.

By taping already extended lashes out of the way, you not only expose naturals that can be lashed, you’ve done a ton of isolation without the touch of a tweezer!

You can also use this technique at the beginning of a set to pull the longest and top layer naturals out of the way, to lash the lower layer first.