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Welcome to Studio 202 Academy!

Hi Queens!

I wanted to create a place for my students and others to find information and ask questions as they progress through their lash journey. Save a link!

All of us have ongoing questions after we finish our first lash course.  How could we not?!?!?  That first lash course is not only fast paced and focused on techniques, it’s also likely our first dip of the toe into the lashing pool.  We didn’t know what questions we had until after the wave of being overwhelmed with information had time to receed.

Ready to hop back in the pool?  Now’s your chance.

I’ll be posting info about lashing in general, the biz side of things and some behind the chair biology and chemistry, too. I’ll also be adding some helpful information for lashing in Canada specifically,

Please feel free to leave a comment, email or DM questions on either Facebook or Instagram.  I’m happy to hear what you have to say and answer any questions.

Happy Lashing and always remember YOU’VE GOT THIS!